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My Story

      I describe myself as a writer/teacher/mom which encapsulates my passions. I live in the suburbs of central Connecticut where I’ve raised three wonderful and creative children with my husband and our bevy of animals (2 Labrador Retrievers and a Siamese cat and a lot of saltwater fish). 

     I have long considered myself a writer. Writing, for me, is like breathing–necessary. I can't imagine a life without it. My hope is that my audience enjoys reading my words as much as I enjoy writing them. While All That Is Sacred is my debut novel, I have also published poetry, most recently in the CT Bard’s Southwest Poetry Review. I hold a master’s degree in English from Southern CT State University and I’m also a member of the Women’s Fiction Writing Association.

     My primary day job as a high school English teacher is also one of passion, having previously taught as a university adjunct teaching English and an adult educator. I enjoy the classes I teach including British Literature ECE (I’m an anglophile at heart), AP Language and Composition (for the love of words), Reading Literature/Reading Film (a course I created) and Writer’s Workshop (of course). Nothing gives me more pleasure than sharing a love of words with my students.

     In my spare time, I enjoy reading a good book on a sunny Cape Cod beach (my happy place), sipping a cocktail and being surrounded by family and friends. Full of wanderlust, I love traveling abroad, immersing myself in other cultures. You can always find me planning or dreaming about the next place I’ll travel, whether it’s a place I’ll physically visit or, perhaps, one I’ll travel to vicariously through the lives of my characters.

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. I'm happy to schedule 

book talks, readings, signings, writing workshops.

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