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"There is catharsis in the way each of the women, particularly Lynn, allows herself to be imperfect and in the healing that comes from that vulnerability. A heartfelt, life-affirming novel tailor-made

for readers who love stories of female friendship."

-Kirkus Reviews

Read the entire review: Kirkus Reviews

All That is Sacred written by Donna Norman-Carbone is a stirring, thought-provoking piece of literature that I can only describe as art.  […] a beautiful story that is packed with satisfying thoughts and feelings that will stick with you long after you’ve turned the last page.”

-Reader Views

Read the entire review: Reader Views

"Readers will be riveted from the first page of this compelling story of a woman’s will to put the lives of her loved ones first before her own journey can end.”

Barbara Conrey- USA Today Bestselling Author of Nowhere Near Goodbye

"All That is Sacred is a heart-wrenching story about the bonds of friendship, the challenges of marriage, the mistakes we make in life, and the process of forgiving… and moving on. It’s a great “what if” premise that will resonate with readers about what is truly important in life.”

Jill Hannah Anderson- Award-winning author of A Life Unraveled, and Crazy Little Town Called Love

“In All That is Scared, Donna Norman-Carbone creates a world where you continue to learn about the reality of your life in the afterlife. A novel that leaves you appreciating

your friends and family in a whole new way.”

Abby Fabiaschi- International Bestselling Author of I Liked My Life, Goodreads Choice Nominee

“Get ready to review your life, your friendships, your family, and possibly change the trajectory to live your life in a more thoughtful, forgiving way.”

Rebecca Rosenberg-  Award-winning author of Madame Pommery and Champagne Widows

“All That is Sacred is a cleverly imagined story that quickly engages the reader in the worlds between life and death and the love that transcends both.”

Grace Sammon- Author of The Eves, Host of The Storytellers

“Donna Norman-Carbone weaves together a beautiful, captivating story that will not only grab your attention from the first page but will stay with you long after you’ve finished the last one. This is a stunning debut by a gifted writer.”

Hope Gibbs- author of Where the Grass Grows Blue

“This beautiful story of love will leave readers with tear-stained cheeks and a deep sense of peace."

Mary Helen Sheriff- author of Boop and Eve's Road Trip

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