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Of Lies and Honey

Three women, two eras, one secret

women's historical fiction, mother/daughter
Red Adept Publishing


Harper Alexander is devastated by a miscarriage even though she thought she never wanted to be a mother. Because of her husband’s determination to create a family and her inability to carry a child to term, they consider alternative options.


As the result of a secret love affair, Callie Sebastian becomes pregnant. Her socialite mother is appalled by her teenage daughter’s behavior. To protect the family’s reputation, she sends Callie to a Catholic boarding school for wayward girls.


When Raina Edwin’s third child starts school, leaving her with an empty house, she begins to long for another baby. Unfortunately, their farm will not support a new addition to their family. To fill the void, Raina starts a new business: selling honey.


As Harper, Callie, and Raina deal with their strife, their lives collide in unexpected ways. A revealed secret forces each of them to make choices that will alter their roles as mothers and daughters forever.

Page Count: 334

ISBN-13: 978-1-958231-46-3

Publication Date: April 23, 2024

Available in paperback, ebook, audio book

Praise for Of Lies and Honey

If you like emotionally-driven dramas with multiple layers and social relevancy, you will love Of Lies and Honey by award-winning author Donna Norman-Carbone. 

Reader Views, 5 star review (Read the entire review)

“Through the three main female characters, the author keenly explores varied perspectives on motherhood, taking care to touch on emotions that inform each character, including innocent and naïve yearning; anxious, trauma-induced smothering; a blissful appreciation of a calling; and a reckoning with an unexpected change of heart. An honest and well-considered look at the sweetness and stings of motherhood.”

Kirkus Reviews (Read the entire review)

“Donna Norman-Carbone has crafted a powerful story that examines timely topics for today’s readers. Ideal for bookclubs, this novel explores the complexities of motherhood and the role others play in a woman’s choices. More emotional than political, this book doesn’t tell us what to believe but gets us asking all the right questions.”

Julie Cantrell, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Perennials

“Family secrets are never safe, and Donna Carbone weaves a masterful story to remind us of that in her unforgettable sophomore novel, Of Lies and Honey. Riveting, soul-crushing, and filled with redemption, Carbone’s characters breathe life onto each page, allowing her readers to feel both the love and loss in marriage and family. Of Lies and Honey will make a fabulous selection for book clubs everywhere.” 

 Barbara Conrey, USA Today Bestselling author of Nowhere Near Goodbye and My Secret to Keep

“In this richly drawn, character driven novel, Norman-Carbone hits all the right notes of a

compelling read.”

Grace Sammon, Author of The Eves, Host of The Storytellers

“Of Lies and Honey is a beautifully complex tale about the choices women face to become mothers, whether it's a choice that's taken away from them, or a choice not to follow that path, as well as how the men in their lives influence their decisions. The emotions portrayed are real and deep. If you're a mom, want to be a mom, decide not to be mom, or if that decision has been taken away,

this book is for you.”

Densie Webb, award-winning author of When Robins Appear

"Of Lies and Honey by Donna Norman-Carbone is a riveting story of three women from two different generations with a longing to be mothers. Norman-Carbone creates compelling characters who you will root and feel for and provides vivid descriptions for each scene that will pull you into the story. The characters will stay with me for a long time to come."

Diane Barnes, Amazon best-selling author of All We Could Still Have

“Heartbreaking loss, a hidden pregnancy, and unfulfilled longing collide, three women must confront the deepest desires of their heart.”

Rebecca Rosenberg, award-winning author of Champagne Widows novels

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