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"There is catharsis in the way each of the women, particularly Lynn, allows herself to be imperfect and in the healing that comes from that vulnerability. A heartfelt, life-affirming novel tailor-made

for readers who love stories of female friendship."

-Kirkus Reviews

Read the entire review: Kirkus Reviews

All That is Sacred written by Donna Norman-Carbone is a stirring, thought-provoking piece of literature that I can only describe as art.  […] a beautiful story that is packed with satisfying thoughts and feelings that will stick with you long after you’ve turned the last page.”

-Reader Views

Read the entire review: Reader Views

"Readers will be riveted from the first page of this compelling story of a woman’s will to put the lives of her loved ones first before her own journey can end.”

Barbara Conrey- USA Today Bestselling Author of Nowhere Near Goodbye

"All That is Sacred is a heart-wrenching story about the bonds of friendship, the challenges of marriage, the mistakes we make in life, and the process of forgiving… and moving on. It’s a great “what if” premise that will resonate with readers about what is truly important in life.”

Jill Hannah Anderson- Award-winning author of A Life Unraveled, and Crazy Little Town Called Love

“In All That is Scared, Donna Norman-Carbone creates a world where you continue to learn about the reality of your life in the afterlife. A novel that leaves you appreciating

your friends and family in a whole new way.”

Abby Fabiaschi- International Bestselling Author of I Liked My Life, Goodreads Choice Nominee

“Get ready to review your life, your friendships, your family, and possibly change the trajectory to live your life in a more thoughtful, forgiving way.”

Rebecca Rosenberg-  Award-winning author of Madame Pommery and Champagne Widows

“All That is Sacred is a cleverly imagined story that quickly engages the reader in the worlds between life and death and the love that transcends both.”

Grace Sammon- Author of The Eves, Host of The Storytellers

“Donna Norman-Carbone weaves together a beautiful, captivating story that will not only grab your attention from the first page but will stay with you long after you’ve finished the last one. This is a stunning debut by a gifted writer.”

Hope Gibbs- author of Where the Grass Grows Blue

“This beautiful story of love will leave readers with tear-stained cheeks and a deep sense of peace."

Mary Helen Sheriff- author of Boop and Eve's Road Trip

“The plot hinges on the tightness of its small cast, effectively building real investment into the central friends’ lives—past and present. This web of interdependence is where All That Is Sacred most shines and is what gives such satisfaction to the inclusion of its epilogue.”

—BookLife Prize

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