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Happy Book Birthday, All That is Sacred!

All That is Sacred, my first published book baby, officially turns 1 today. I can’t believe that it’s already been out in the world for a whole year. It is honestly still surreal to me.

Memorable Moments:

  • The first phone call with Lynn, the owner of Red Adept Publishing

  • Signing my contract

  • My first interview for our local newspaper

  • Having to create a whole new first chapter per the suggestion of my content editor

  • Holding my book in my hands & reading it in its paperback form

  • Meaningful sentiments from family, friends and readers (it means the world!)

  • Reading early reviews

  • Getting a good Kirkus Review

  • The Pie Lady version of my book

  • The Main Street signature cookies of my book (Thank you, Maddie)

  • My release party and all the support of my family and friends

  • Attending book clubs where (unbeknownst to me until I arrived) some of the ladies knew my friend, Donna, who both inspired and the person to whom I dedicated the book 

  • Being honored at the Author Night dinner hosted by Cheshire Artsplace

  • My first podcast interview with Elizabeth Lyon on “Write the Damn Book Already”

  • Being interviewed on a panel discussion with the medium, Suzann Northrop, whose message inspired this novel

  • Receiving a phone call from Donna’s mom who shared with me her glowing reaction to the book (it was a tear-filled phone call but in the best of ways)

  • Seeing my book appear in magazines and news articles

  • The TEN awards it’s received

  • Receiving a blue ribbon and a gift pack from CIBA for the Somerset Award

  • Seeing my book on the Tower Billboard at Times Square in NYC

There are so many more moments, but the ones that really touched my heart were those full circle moments–and there were many. I did it. I achieved my lifelong dream and everything else is icing on the cake.

To say that I have grown over this past year would be an understatement. I have tackled so many things I never fathomed. I made a promise to myself when I signed my first contract with Red Adept Publishing to fully embrace this author-life and walk through my fears.

The fears I conquered:

  • Talking in front of a large audience (to date, that is about 100+ people)

  • Sharing the raw inspiration for this novel

  • Engaging in small talk with strangers

  • Hearing reactions to my novel (and the reviews, especially the 1s and 2s–I’m fortunate there are only a few)

  • Talking and appearing on camera

  • Navigating social media

  • Becoming a content creator

  • Book marketing

  • Understanding the business of being an author

In addition to conquering fears, I learned some important life lessons along the way:

  • I’m not too old to fulfill my dreams

  • Never compare my own journey to others

  • I’m capable of learning a great many things when it becomes necessary

  • Writers are wonderfully supportive people

  • Friendships can be found where & when least expected

  • Putting myself out there leads to other roads (ones I hadn’t anticipated or predicted)

  • I can do the hard things

  • When I don’t allow fear or anxiety to get in the way of my goals, amazing things are the result

  • I’m living the life I imagined and it feels pretty damn good

I would like to thank you, my readers, my family, friends & my newsletter subscribers, for being with me on this journey. I have felt your enthusiasm and support every step of the way. I am most grateful. ♥

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